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March 10, 2004
POLITICS: The Headliner

The Kansas City Star (registration required):

Kerry alternately pleases, befuddles Arab Americans and Jews

They aren't the only ones.

The Washington Post:

Kerry Sweeps Races in 4 States: Boredom Is Senator's New Foe

Actually, it's a very old foe.

And what about Kerry's potential VP choices? A columnist with the Arkansas News notes wryly that

A national wire service article attempted last week to cover the waterfront on potential running mate choices for John Kerry, even to the point of saying that Kerry's need for Southern competitiveness might cause him to consider U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas. I couldn't help but chuckle - not about Blanche's being vice president, but about the fact that until recently Kerry called Blanche "Mary." He thought she was Mary Landrieu of Louisiana.

But maybe Kerry's not the only one with mistaken-identity problems. This Yahoo photo captions the challenger as "U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry (news - web sites) (R) of Massachusetts" (hey, is that why McCain would consider running with him?), while this one notes that Idaho Senator Larry Craig mistakenly identified Hillary Clinton as a senator from Texas.

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