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April 12, 2004
BASEBALL: 4/12/04 Notes

*The Mets' hopes of ever having their entire projected starting lineup on the field don't look great after Cliff Floyd pulled up lame yesterday with a quad injury that looked just awful (he had to be helped off the field). Jose Reyes remains sidelined. The Mets' offense looks pretty good to me, if they could ever all get healthy. If.

*From the Department of Trends That Won't Continue, Victor "Old Hoss" Zambrano, who got an extra start from the trip to Japan, is now on pace for 69 wins, 9 or 10 (depending what source you believe) ahead of the all time record, 27 ahead of Jack Chesbro's AL record and 55 ahead of Rolando Arrojo's club record of 14 (I'd at least make Zambrano a decent bet at the latter). More at-this-pace nonsense for Zambrano: 409 innings, 347 hits, 69 home runs, 231 walks, 347 strikeouts. Sure, Zambrano hasn't even pitched outstandingly well even in the small sample - but don't wake Devil Rays fans yet, who get so few brushes with history.

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That would be Your First Place Tampa Bay Devil Rays! wahooo.

Zambrano = Cy Young Award
Jose Cruz Jr. = MVP

Posted by: Rob M at April 12, 2004 12:54 PM
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