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April 24, 2004

Like most bloggers, I get emails from time to time asking me to check out new blogs. Generally, like most bloggers, I'm more interested in someone sending me an interesting post they've written rather than a general "look at my blog" or "let's trade links." But I also remember when, not so long ago, this was a small blog in internet nowhere, so I hate to just blow people off.

My two cents, by the way, on getting linked? Here's a few tips:

1. Write regularly. Regular content is huge in getting noticed.
2. Write during the business day. Hard to do if you're employed, but let's face it - that's when a lot of blog reading happens, and if you're writing regularly, people will come back to see what's new.
3. Pitch the post, not the blog. See above - this is standard advice.
4. Know your audience - don't pitch everything to everyone. Every time I send an email about a post, I think hard about who might be interested in it.
5. Link the post. There's no better way to get a blogger's attention than to write about something they've written, preferably in a thoughtful way, whether you agree or not. It won't work with Glenn Reynolds or Andrew Sullivan or other really huge bloggers (den Beste is an exception to this), but for most of us, we check to see what's written about us.
6. Comments. Regular and thoughtful comments on a site will lead the blogger and other readers to click through and see how you write on your own.
7. Donate to Spirit of America and drop a line to me, Michele, and/or Kevin!

Anyway, presented without further introduction, here's a list of blogs who have dropped me a line the past few months, mostly baseball blogs and also some message boards, if you're looking for new content to read; some of these are no doubt good sites and some are not, but I haven't had time myself to tell the difference:

The Bug (Mudville Magazine Blog)
The Galvin Opinion (Holy Cross Grad!)
Mets Forever
Beer and Whiskey League American League Blog
News to Me
Detroit Sports Blog
Topís Seattle Mariner Forum
Oakland A's Fans Baseball Discussion Forum


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