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April 27, 2004
POLITICS: If You Can't Stand The Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen

Via Instapundit, the amazing true story of John Kerry snapping under the pressure of the right-wing Torquemadas at Good Morning America. If you're gonna gripe about the media, either (1) do it in private (recall Christy Mathewson's line that a ballplayer should always have an alibi and always keep it to himself) or (2) fight back on camera while you still have the audience (as George H.W. Bush did with Dan Rather). Don't whine with the cameras rolling after the live interview is over. Captain Ed has a great comment:

Hey ... what happened to "Bring It Ooooonnnnn!" Has he changed his campaign motto to "Maaaaake Iiiittt Stoooooopppppp!!!!"?

In a similar pile-on-Kerry vein, we have lots more where that came from:

*Via just about everywhere, John Podhoretz' Kerry-bashing screed is highly entertaining.

*Note a bad sign for Kerry in Dick Cheney's latest speech: the laugh lines are mostly on direct quotes from Kerry. The guy parodies himself. And I liked this twist of the knife, which actually raises a rather serious point:

When Senator Kerry speaks about the direction of the war on terror, he often returns to a single theme -- the need for international cooperation. He has vowed to usher in a golden age of American diplomacy. He is fond of mentioning that some countries did not support America's actions in Iraq. Yet to the many nations that have joined our coalition, Senator Kerry offers only condescension. More than 30 nations have contributed and sacrificed for the freedom of the Iraqi people, including Great Britain, Australia, Italy, Poland, South Korea, and Japan. Senator Kerry calls these countries, quote, "window dressing." They are, in his words, "a coalition of the coerced and the bribed."

I am aware of no other instance in which a presumptive nominee for President of the United States has spoken with such disdain of active, fighting allies of the United States in a time of war. Senator Kerry's contempt for our good allies is ungrateful to nations that have withstood danger, hardship, and insult for standing with America in the cause of freedom.

*One of Tom Maguire's commenters notes:

Nixon's bony hand gets revenge at last. Seems Kerry's incriminating 1971 "interview was shown on the Washington television station WRC, archived by President Richard M. Nixon's communications office and held by the National Archives," according to today's NY Times. How sweet! How sublime!

Lesson: never throw out opposition research! Not even when you're dead.

*Ed Moltzen notes Kerry's vulnerability to revelations that (sacre bleu!) the UN is a hothouse of corruption that's unduly deferential to dictators, given Kerry's many, many, many statements lauding the importance of giving authority to the UN. Call him UNion John.

*Ricky West explains why Kerry is like Al Bundy.

*The Republicans' Vietnam vets, overlooked thus far in the campaign, get frisky on Kerry. I loved how they derailed the Democrats' efforts to talk about Earth Day.

*Lame-O alert! This is just pitiful. Ryne McLaren: "This guy's Dukakis moments are having Dukakis moments."

*Florida Forever! Or at least until the Democrats suffer a much more decisive defeat . . . hey, Pennsylvania's lookin' up! (UPDATE: Well, maybe not so much.)

*We'll let Fred Thompson have the last word.

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And his counseling session with Chris Matthews on last night's Hardball was quite an encore.

Posted by: Drew at April 28, 2004 12:13 PM
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