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April 16, 2004
POLITICS: Shrum Along By Heart

TNR's Ryan Lizza has a good profile of Ted Kerry guru Bob Shrum in The Atlantic. My thoughts:

*Shrum quit the Carter campaign in 1976, telling Carter, "I am not sure what you truly believe in, other than yourself." How far he's come from that to working for Kerry.

*Lizza asks, "Why is it that almost every major candidate for the Democratic nomination since 1972 has wanted Bob Shrum to work for them?" The answer is obvious, and it's something Lizza notes elsewhere: it's because Shrum helped so many of them (Kerry included) win statewide office. They just don't get that the presidency is different.

*Why am I not surprised that a guy who's advised Kerry and Gore had a brief involvement with the New Coke fiasco, the world's worst example of mania for reinvention?

*Lizza's parade of nearly identical quotes from Shrum candidates over the years promising to be "a fighter" against "powerful forces" is hilarious. Does Shrum think he's Cus D'Amato?

*"With much of the country passionately aligned against President Bush, the consummate Shrum villain if ever there was one, the sociological and political landscape may at last be hospitable to the consultant's steadfast world view." Self-delusion, thy name is Lizza. Sorry, but Kerry can't win unless he can get the people who don't hate Bush to vote for him.

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