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April 20, 2004
POLITICS: Throwing Out The Ceremonial First Ted

The Bush campaign passes another milestone with a mass email last Thursday - Tax Day, of course - picturing John Kerry side-by-side with Ted Kennedy, with the caption "If You Need A Good Reason To Support President Bush, Here It Is":

Both Ted Kennedy and John Kerry Voted Against President Bush's Tax Relief in 2001 and 2003. Both Ted Kennedy and John Kerry Voted For Bill Clinton's 1993 Tax Increase -- the Largest Tax Increase in History.

(Emphasis in original). It's a fair enough ad, of course - those are hardly votes Kerry could try to run away from.

Meanwhile, the Bush campaign overhauls its "official blog". It looks pretty good - "official blog" is still something of an oxymoron, but the campaign looks to have figured out what a campaign blog can do in terms of churning out daily raw materials for unaffiliated bloggers to run with. I can understand why there are no comments - the campaign doesn't want to be held responsible for what's said there - although a trackback feature or Technorati links or some such would be a nice nod to the interactivity of the blogosphere in a way that doesn't require the campaign to have even implicitly endorsed the content of the blogs sending links.

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