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May 1, 2004
BASEBALL: Move Over Steve Bartman

You just have to see what happened in the sixth inning of game 2 of the Braves-Rockies doubleheader at Coors Field this evening - you won't believe it if you don't. Vinny Castilla, who's back with the Rox, went into the first row of the stands to catch a foul ball, and banged into a fan (presumably a Rockies fan) who was reaching for the ball. As Castilla is turning to try and convince the umpire that he caught the ball, the fan reaches in and takes the ball out of Castilla's glove, resulting in the ump (who didn't seem to see what happened) blowing the call and ruling no catch.

Unbelievable. Like I said, watch tonight's highlights for this one.

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They isolated it on TBS and it showed that the ball hit the spectator's hat before going into Vinny's glove, thus the ball is dead. That's according to the TBS broadcasters. Still, a strange play to say the least.

Posted by: Jeff at May 1, 2004 10:40 PM

Saw it, great catch... when is a catch, not a catch?? when it's over-thought by someone sticking to the letter of the rule rather than just looking in the glove... pretty gutsy by the fan... what a moron.

Posted by: Mike at May 2, 2004 2:41 AM
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