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May 29, 2004

Jason Mastaitis at Always Amazin' notes that the hype over Armando Benitez closing out the Mets last night ignores the man's history: "remember, the great Armando doesn't blow games in June. His mental breakdown comes during the stretch run."

He also floats a trade theory:

Ty Wigginton may be being set up as trade bait.

McEwing's trade value is virtually nil but Wigginton has value, especially if he's additionally shopped as a second baseman. While I love Wiggy, imagine if the Mets made this trade:

Ty Wigginton and either Heilman, Yates, or Ginter for Jason Schmidt and Edgardo Alfonzo.

The Giants are looking for someone to take Fonzie's salary off their hands and they would need a third baseman in return. While this certainly is not a trade to make them younger, Fonzie would only be a stopgap third baseman for the next four months (who is still tremendously popular in NY) and they'd get a bona fide #1 starter to stabilize the rotation. Seems like a fit to me.

Well, as to point #1, Wigginton's now a semi-established major league regular who is 100% certain to lose his job the minute David Wright is ready, so of course he's trade bait. But the trade proposal doesn't hold water. First of all, why would the Giants be looking to dump veterans? Yes, they've started slowly, but when there's a guy in your lineup who is hitting .361/ .825/.613 and will be 40 in July, the future is now.

Also, even if the Giants wanted to deal Alfonzo for Wigginton - a dubious proposition, given Wiggy's career .259/.417/.318 numbers and sometimes erratic glovework - why on earth would they deal their #1 starter, Jason Schmidt (who's 31 and as far as I know doesn't have any contract issues) for Yates (an unproven youngster who hasn't shown he can throw 6 innings on a consistent basis), Heilman (who was pounded by major league pitching in his debut last season), or Ginter (a retread the Mets got for Timo Perez)?

I've been thinking the team that might be desperate enough to spring for Wigginton could be the Angels after the Glaus injury, but Chone Figgins has hit awfully well filling in at third. I gather Figgins' glove work hasn't won raves, though. But I can't see Anaheim giving up much to "upgrade" from Figgy to Wiggy.

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