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May 19, 2004
POLITICS: Is His Heart In It?

Will Dick Cheney decline to run again in 2004, citing health reasons? It's a favorite topic of speculation, especially among fans of Condoleazza Rice, but most of the scenarios I've seen - focusing on Bush forcing Cheney out for political reasons or Cheney quitting to "take one for the team" and using his health as a pretext - strike me as pretty far-fetched, if not as ridiculous as John Kerry picking a pro-life Republican war hawk as his running mate.

This column from The Hill, however, actually makes a not-insane, if speculative, argument that Cheney's health may yet force him to the sidelines:

There are two other reasons I’m betting there won’t be a Bush-Cheney ticket this fall. One was a little-noticed report in the Federicksburg (Va.) Free Lance Star on April 16 that Cheney was taken to the Culpeper Regional Hospital on April 5 from a nearby secret undisclosed location, just before leaving for Asia. . . .
* * *
I asked [reporter Donnie] Johnston, who lives in Culpeper, about his story, which Cheney’s office refused to comment on. “I could get no official confirmation,” he said, “but unofficially, I was told by three different sources that Cheney was there under an assumed name. That’s why the hospital said they had no record of his being there.”

The second reason is that Cheney’s defibrillator, made by Medtronic of Minneapolis, may be nearing the end of its average life expectancy of about five years. An earlier model was recalled in 1999 because of faulty capacitors, according to Medtronic spokesman Scott Papillon, who said the problem was corrected in Cheney’s newer model.

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