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May 10, 2004
POLITICS: Stop The Fight

If there were a mercy rule for political columns, this spectacularly brutal Mark Steyn effort would have to be stopped long before its, well, merciless conclusion about John Kerry's latest efforts to blame his "Benedit Arnold CEOs" rhetoric, as well as a botched proposal to name Jimmy Carter or James Baker as a Middle East envoy, on "overzealous speechwriters":

Boy, those Benedict Arnold speechwriters who take the hard-earned money of decent, honest American politicians and salt it away in their Cayman Islands bank accounts, there oughta be a law against it. Given their uncanny ability to make Kerry say what he doesn't mean at six campaign stops a day, is it possible these overzealous speechwriters are part of the ''Republican attack machine''?

Or is this a typically shrewd move by the Kerry campaign? Democratic operatives have long dismissed the moron Bush as incapable of stringing two words together without puppetmaster Dick Cheney shoving his arm up the back of the coat. By announcing that he too is merely a brainless stooge reading out whatever's put in front of him, the senator could seriously cut into Bush's base in key swing states.

And the coup de grace:

Who is John Kerry? They weren't his medals he threw away, just some non-name World War II vet he happened to bump into. Those aren't his four gas-guzzling SUVs in the drive, just ones owned by his ''family.'' They're not his words coming out of his mouth, just words wholly owned and operated by employees of a subsidiary unit of his wife's holding company, Benedict Arnold Heinz Kerry Campaign Rhetoric Inc., registered in Bermuda.

It takes a big man to blame everyone around him. Which is at last a rationale for the Kerry campaign: If you're the kind of fellow who likes blaming your underlings, at least when you're president there's no end of underlings to blame.

The whole thing really amazes me - I mean, yes, politicians pass the buck sometimes, and some things really are underlings' faults. But to take something like the Benedict Arnold line that was near the core of his stump speech and claim that it was never intended to connect with primary voters seething at outsourcing . . . amazing.

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Amazing. All these photos coming out of Iraq and since The Mad Hibernians post, in which he still had some question as to their "veracity", we've gotten no comments.

Well, we did get a comment on Kerry's bad photo-op. But the latest from crank is simply more remarks about yet another article ripping Kerry?

Any comment on Rummy?

Any comment on Bush saying that the nation owes him a debt of gratitude and the fact that he's done a "superb job"?

A superb job of what? Underpreparation? Misreading the tea leaves? Supressing negative news?

Posted by: C Giddy at May 11, 2004 12:56 AM

Hey C Giddy, if you don't like the content, read someone else's blog or start your own.

Posted by: WD at May 11, 2004 10:09 AM

You're so predictable, Giddy. The day I can afford to blog all day and not have to work for a living I'll worry about making sure I cover every big story as it happens.

Posted by: The Crank at May 11, 2004 10:25 AM

You can cover disparaging articles about Kerry the day they happened....but you have to wait over a week to comment on the things that reflect poorly on the administration?

BTW, I have read your initial comments today. And I suspected you were biding your time to make a comment, as you usually like to make reasoned, well-thought statements regarding such issues. And I respect that.

The amount of time that had passed plus the comments on Kerry made me feel you were simply trying to help the administration in changing the subject.

Also, I agree with many of the initial statements you made. Mainly that we should expect these prisoners to be treated with something somewhat more severe than kid gloves. The severity though passed over the line into depravity and I think you noticed that as well.

Also, many have said that the Iraqi's did worse to Americans. Yet from all reports, the contractor who escaped and Jessica Lynch were both treated far better than what we've seen surface...which is supposedly not even the worst of it. God forbid proof of rape or murder should have occured.

Anyways, as for reading another blog....I actually generally and genuinely respect everything the Crank has to say. I don't always agree, but sometimes I do and most times I learn something.

And that is why I generally return to the site.

Posted by: C Giddy at May 11, 2004 7:28 PM
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