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June 4, 2004
BASEBALL: Bad Non-Investment

I agree completely with David Pinto that the teams that didn't bid on Vladimir Guerrero - or, in the Mets' case, teams that bid halfheartedly - are looking pretty dumb right now, as Guerrero is singlehandedly keeping an injury-riddled Angels team in the race. Baseball Prospectus rates him fourth in the major leagues in VORP (Value over Replacement Player), behind only Bonds, Sean Casey, and, er, Melvin Mora, and Hardball Times has him first in the AL with 14 Win Shares (behind only Bonds, Casey and Scott Rolen in the NL and tied with Mike Lowell). Guerrero, need we be reminded, is 28, the same age as Karim Garcia and four years younger than Shane Spencer. Who are not leading the league in anything.

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A horrendous job by the Mets. Guys like Guerrero only come around every once in a long while, and if you have a chance to acquire them, you need to make a better effort than the Mets did.

That said, I'm not sure he'd be carrying a much crappier (even with the Angels' injuries) Mets team to a pennant, nor would he put up the same numbers in Shea in a lame lineup.

Posted by: Mr Furious at June 4, 2004 11:42 PM

Well there were real injury concerns with Guerrero. Obviously we're not privy to the team's medical evaluations, but supposedly the Dodger's orthopedic surgeon, who examined Vlad's back, said it was "as bad or worse than [Todd] Hundley's." (whole post) If you’ll remember, that back injury ended Hundley’s career. I'm not at all surprised that many teams were scared off.

Posted by: Richard at June 5, 2004 1:11 AM
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