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June 10, 2004
BLOG: 6/10/4 Links

*Bill Simmons/Ralph Wiley chat wrap! Anarchically funny.

*Venomous Kate shares a look at the Toddler Diet.

*Captain Ed has some thoughts on Quaddafi trying to assasinate the leaders of Saudi Arabia; key quote:

Looking at this, one supposes that Prince Abdullah would want to reconsider his partnership with a country that hires assassins as spokespeople, but looking around his area, he'd be hard pressed to find a country that doesn't, and at least we don't do it on purpose.

*Powerline with an interesting anecdote on the Reagan Administration and sabotage.

*Women are more likely to have sex when they are ovulating and thus more likely to get pregnant. Well, duh.

*Now this is the kind of team-building exercise most law firms only dream of.

*Bruce Springsteen thinks Al Gore's lunatic rant is a good thing to read. Ugh.

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