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June 9, 2004
BLOG: Linky Linky 6/9/4

*Jay Jaffe has the story of 10-Cent Beer Night in Cleveland in 1974, which turned out to be particularly ill-advised because the Indians were playing the (Billy Martin-managed) Rangers and had a bench-clearing brawl with them the previous game that ended with Ranger fans pouring beer on the Indians. Key stat: attendance was 25,000, and approximately 65,000 beers were sold. (Link via Baseball News Blog).

*Has the lost, sunken city of Atlantis been located in southern Spain? (Link via Gary Farber at Winds of Change).

*QandO catches Paul Krugman playing games with the numbers to skew the Reagan record on taxes. (Maybe Krugman was just confused? It's not like he's a professional economist or anything). (Link via the MinuteMan).

*It's not just the Crisps: Allison Kaplan Sommer reports that Courtney Cox and husband David Arquette are considering naming their expected daughter Coco Cox.

*Functional Ambivalent, who never agreed with Reagan but can't really see today why he got so upset at him, has some useful thoughts on avoiding excesses of outrage in blogging and political discourse. While I don't agree with his assumption that overwrought anger is mostly on the Right these days - try spending a few hours at Atrios' place - it's a useful contribution. (Link via Conrad at Gweilo Diaries).

*Bill Hobbs tells you where to go in the minor leagues to get a Moses bobblehead.

*Is the UN resolution on the transfer of power in Iraq a big victory for Bush? Well, if you can't trust Communists to tell you if democracy is on the way, who can you trust? And the Germans feel the same way!

*Bill Russell has some thoughts on team defense as the essential characteristic of championship basketball teams.

*Ralph Peters on Reagan's impact on the military's morale and readiness. (via Will Collier at VodkaPundit)

*Collier again, on mistrust of the media.

*Peters again, on the unchanging nature of war. Good stuff in general, although I'm not sure he really has anything specific to add here on the knotty problems of figuring out when we're facing the enemy and when we're not. But the point stands that we can win only by killing. If the courts make it more difficult to hold prisoners, that focus only intensifies. (also via Vodkapundit).

*Engrish! (via the Functional Ambivalent).

*If you missed it at the time, this Dave Cullen piece on Columbine is fascinating.

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