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Covering the Front and Back Pages of the Newspaper
June 4, 2004
POLITICS: Brock'd notes David Brock, discussing his new project (left-wing media commentary site, undercutting his entire thesis by talking about how mainstream media figures love MediaMatters:

"In the past few weeks -- as I have been on some of these TV shows, either talking about my book or about -- I have been -- off air -- been told by network talent: 'Thank God you are doing this because we can't do it -- because [conservative minister] James Dobson can send an e-mail and turn NBC upside down'"
* * *

"I think they are afraid," Brock said. "For a long time, the mainstream media has not stood up. They've essentially allowed Fox to happen. They do not cover Limbaugh -- he is a serious political figure in this country -- they don't write about what he says."

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