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June 24, 2004
POLITICS: Greetings from Crawford

Lawroark (via Andrew Sullivan) takes apart Michael Moore for dredging up a silly Dana Milbank article from the September 3, 2002 Washington Post saying that President Bush had spent 42% of his term on vacation. Lawroark notes a couple problems with this, including the inclusion of weekends in the figure, and has a nifty photo display of Bush meeting with foreign heads of state at the ranch and Camp David, which hardly seems like a day at the beach to me.

Let's add two more problems with this line of attack:

1. The proportion of the president's term spent on vacation will always be highest if measured at the beginning of September, and higher still if it includes two whole summers in office and only one winter. Entering September 2002, the months of June, July and August accounted for 6 of the 19 months of the Bush presidency (31.5%). Does this mean Bush only likes being president in the summertime? Or did Milbank, on a slow newsday, just pick a fortuitous time to run the numbers?

2. As President Clinton told Newsweek three years ago (I don't have the link but the quote is reprinted here), and repeats the point in his memoirs: "Every important mistake I made in my life, I made because I was too tired." Bush understands that executive decisions require judgment, and judgment requires a clear head; if he needs to go jogging, get to bed early or clear brush on his ranch to think things through, that's a far better management strategy than staying up all night eating pizza and getting frisky with interns.

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If only I could believe he was "thinking things through."

Posted by: Mr Furious at June 25, 2004 2:44 PM
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