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June 9, 2004

P.J. O'Rourke, who has a new book out in stores today entitled "Peace Kills : America's Fun New Imperialism", has an amusing look at talk radio in The Atlantic, in which he takes on easy targets Ann Coulter ("has the look of a soon-to-be-ex wife who has just finished shouting"), Bill O'Reilly ("We've all backed away from this fellow while vigorously nodding our heads in agreement. Often the fellow we were backing away from was our own dad."), and of course, Michael Moore:

Moore does include one chapter on how to argue with a conservative. As if. Approached by someone like Michael Moore, a conservative would drop a quarter in Moore's Starbucks cup and hurriedly walk away.

O'Rourke also asks what conservative talk radio has really accomplished:

The effect, as best I can measure it, is nil. In 1988 George Bush won the presidency with 53.4 percent of the popular vote. In 2000 Bush's arguably more conservative son won the presidency with a Supreme Court ruling.

Read the whole thing. (Via I Love Jet Noise).

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