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June 7, 2004

Smash has some fine first-hand reporting on what can only be described as an anti-America protest. More picking on far-out wackos who don't deserve the attention? Maybe. Until Smash points out that the leader and at least one of her friends who came out to encourage "a peoplesí movement" to follow the Vietnam model of support for a "determined national liberation struggle" by the Iraqi 'insurgents' and "[a] historic revolt within the US armed forces" are public school teachers, and the leader teaches history to high school kids, apparently influenced by her radical socialist politics.

Another reminder why I send my kids to Catholic school. Of course, not everyone can afford that option, so their kids have to swallow this sort of propaganda, paid for with our tax dollars. The education of a child with no other options, of course, is a small price to pay for a teacher's freedom of speech.

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