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June 17, 2004
POLITICS: What He Said

The MinuteMan weighs in with some thoughts on criticizing non-blogging, and notes that he was way ahead of me, back in 2002, with more examples of Mark Kleiman's demonization of things not written by right-leaning bloggers, including this howler:

Aside from Andrew Sullivan, who doesn't like gay-baiting no matter who does it (but seems ok with other forms of prejudice), I have yet to see anyone in the right blogosphere object to the persistent use of bigotry and other dirty tricks by Republican candidates. This is in fairly sharp contrast to the practices of the left blogosphere, and seems to me to reflect a real difference between liberals and conservatives in terms of willingness to criticize their own side.

...I think the difference is a legitimate source of pride: to be liberal is, fundamentally, to be fair-minded.

(To be fair, this was before the Trent Lott brewhaha).

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