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August 3, 2004
POLITICS: 8/3/04 Links

*Kerry wants to send nuclear fuel to Iran. Seriously. I wish I was kidding. Next thing you know, he'll be kissing Brezhnev . . .

*Neal Boortz:

I'm betting that an impartial observer of the November 2nd election will be able to tell you who won our presidential election merely by watching the video -- no audio -- only the video of any of several Arabic television stations or news channels. Just watch the people in the streets of Tehran, Cairo or Damascus. If they're shouting, celebrating and shooting their AK-47s into the air, you'll know that Kerry won. If there are long faces in the capitols of the sponsors of terrorism, you can get ready for another four years of George W. Bush.

Link via Vodkapundit's chaser, Will Collier.

*Stryker takes issue with Hugh Hewitt's contention that the military votes heavily Republican, and criticizes the Marines who told reporters that they were against Kerry.

*Mark Steyn:

Last year, I was at a Kerry campaign stop in New Hampshire chatting with two old coots in plaid. The Senator approached and stopped in front of us. The etiquette in primary season is that the candidate defers to the cranky Granite Stater's churlish indifference to status and initiates the conversation: "Hi, I'm John Kerry. Good to see ya. Cold enough for ya?" Etc. But Kerry just stood there nose to nose, staring at us with a semi-glare on his face. After an eternity, an aide stepped out from behind him and said, "The Senator needs you to move."

"Well, why couldn't he have said that?" muttered one of the old coots, as Kerry swept past us.

That's how I felt after the Convention: all week Senators Biden, Lieberman and Edwards made the case that the Democrats were credible on national security. Why couldn't Kerry have said that?

Because in the end he's running for President because he feels he ought to be President. That's his message to George W Bush: "The Senator needs you to move." And even then everyone else says it better.

Read the whole thing.

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Kerry never should have listened to his critics who said he needed to be more specific on his plans if elected.

Posted by: Tom G. at August 3, 2004 4:12 PM
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