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August 1, 2004
POLITICS: At The Movies

Punch the Bag wants Republicans to "Lose the hokey country music," and contrasts the Democrats' use of U2. Of course, one reason Republicans use country music is that liberal rock stars won't give permission for use of their songs (not that this stopped the Democrats from using Van Halen against the band's wishes). He also has a Kerry anecdote:

Back in 1987 (heavy sigh) when I was living on Capitol Hill, my roommate and I were at the video store on a Friday or Saturday night I guess. Yeah I know, why werenít we in Georgetown? At any rate, in comes John Kerry dressed in a white button down shirt, khakis, and tennis shoes looking for a video too. I think he was between wives at that point and obviously didnít have a lot planned that evening. He chose his movie and was soon out the door. My roommate, a press secretary on the Hill and more savvy than me given how his career has soared, immediately asked the clerk what Kerry had rented hoping it would be one of xxx-those-xxx kind of videos. Instead, and no surprise in hindsight, it was Oliver Stoneís Salvador. I look back at that observation of him and smile since it is a far cry from the jet set life he now experiences with the ketchup money.

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