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August 11, 2004
POLITICS: Direct Hit: Kerry Was Wrong On The Cold War

More on Vietnam another day - for now, this is the link of the day, QandO discussing an op-ed in the LA Times on the real scandal in Kerry's record: how he was wrong on nearly every major foreign policy initiative during and immediately after the Cold War. Key quote:

Many leaders had a hand in Washington's Cold War triumph, but Ronald Reagan's contributions were pivotal, and Kerry opposed every one of them. Reagan's defense buildup disabused Soviet leaders of any hope that they could ultimately come out ahead of the United States. Kerry derided these military expenditures as "bloated" and "without any relevancy to the threat." In particular, Reagan's plan to seek a missile defense system against Soviet ICBMs and NATO's decision to station new missiles in Europe to counteract the new Soviet deployment there rendered futile the Kremlin's vast investment in nuclear supremacy. Instead of these measures, Kerry advocated that we adopt a one-sided "nuclear freeze."

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This is the hammer to use to hit this rusty nail. Kerry avoided talking about anything that happened since 1969 in his acceptance speach on purpose. Kerry has to know how vulnerable he is on his malfeasance as a Senator. It was easy for him (and the extreme left ming media) to call Reagan stupid in the 1980's. Since history has shown Reagan to have been prescient about how to address the Soviet threat.

Posted by: LargeBill at August 11, 2004 8:58 AM
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