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August 24, 2004
POLITICS: Don't Know Much About Cambodia

Captain Ed, who's been one of the blogosphere's All-Stars lately, notes a Washington Post article that puts the final nail in John Kerry's claims to have a "memory . . . seared -- seared -- in me" of making an illegal border crossing into Cambodia on a swift boat during his tour in Vietnam.

UPDATE: But one of Kerry's "Band of Brothers," Del Sandusky, is sticking by the Cambodia story.

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One nitpick: I’m not sure I’d describe that WP piece as an “article” – it was on the op-ed page (amid the usual assortment of Kerry-defending pieces) and lists the author as working for the American Enterprise Institute (not exactly an impartial source).

Of course, that, in and of itself, doesn’t disprove anything either.

Posted by: The Mad Hibernian at August 24, 2004 7:17 PM
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