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August 1, 2004
POLITICS: To Trade And Not To Trade

Matt Welch just drills Kerry and Edwards for their straddle on free trade, noting this quote from senior Kerry economic advisor Laura Tyson:

Recognize that what might be said in one primary … is not an indicator of the future…. [What’s important] is Sen. Kerry's very courageous, very consistent, very long-term record on trade and global economic integration…. [He has shown] courage in this direction because a significant part of my party's base is a voice of concern about trade … and is consistently asking for policies that would take the U.S. backwards. […]

I want to assure you that a Kerry-Edwards administration will continue in the great American tradition of leading the way on global economic integration.

As Welch puts it,

It’s always refreshing to hear a senior campaign adviser tell you that her boss is a pandering bulls***ter. But this has been a Democratic talking point for more than two months . . .

Read the whole thing; this was before Kerry's "fair trade" and anti-outsourcing language in his convention speech. The soft-spoken promise that Kerry doesn't mean what he shouts from the rafters is reminiscent of this.

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