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Covering the Front and Back Pages of the Newspaper
September 13, 2004

Deacon at Powerline notes possible ways for CBS to feel the heat from its use of forged documents, including boycotts of their advertisers or FCC consequences. These are unrealistic and penalize innocent parties. The answer here is obvious. You are never going to get CBS or its affiliates off the air.

The goal - and one that's already been substantially advanced by this story - should be to convince other news outlets to view CBS News reports the way they currently view Drudge - as an indication of a possible story that requires further independent investigation, rather than something you can run with on tomorrow's Page One.

As we saw all too clearly on Thursday morning, a CBS News story is still seen by other news outlets, including the other networks' morning news shows and the major newspapers, as worthy of repeating without independent fact-checking. That is what needs to change.

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