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September 5, 2004
POLITICS: No Quarter

Ralph Peters, a former Army officer who's been a staunch supporter of Bush's strategic approach to the war on terror while fiercely criticizing Don Rumsfeld for what Peters views as an insufficient commitment to put "boots on the ground," tears into John Kerry's speech to the American Legion like there's no tomorrow. Some choice quotes:

John Kerry made his most disgraceful speech since he lied about atrocities to Congress three decades ago. By making promises he doesn't mean and can't keep, he tried to buy the votes of American veterans.

Had he offered each vet a $5 bill and a shot of whisky for their support, his performance could not have been shabbier.

From one Vietnam vet:

"A Kerry defeat would be the welcome-home parade we never had."

On the insurgency in Iraq:

Kerry said we should never go to war without a plan to win the peace. Agreed. But where was he 18 months ago, when such a criticism could have made a difference?

On Kerry's claim to have been fighting all along for veterans' benefits:

The only veterans' benefit young John Kerry fought for was the right of vets to be spit upon in public.

Read the whole thing.

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