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September 16, 2004
POLITICS: Quick Links 9/16/04

*Kevin Drum admits the obvious:

[I]t's a big mistake for us liberals to kid ourselves into thinking that Republicans win elections solely because they fool people into voting for them. It's not just that this is a debilitating mental attitude - although it is - but it's also not true. Our main problem isn't that this year's campaign has ignored the issues, our main problem is that the #1 issue in this campaign is national defense, and on that issue - like it or not - the majority of Americans favor the Republican position. If John Kerry wants to win, he should focus on the issues, but he has to focus on the issues that matter most in this campaign cycle.

It's all about 9/11, Iraq, terrorism, and national security, baby. This election is going to be won on that issue, and Kerry needs to convince the country that he can handle it better than Bush. And really, considering the botch Bush has made of national security, that shouldn't be all that hard.

Bottom line: Republicans aren't avoiding the issues. It's just that their signature issue happens to be the one people care most about this year. Democrats had better figure that out pronto.

(Emphasis in original).

*In a funny Monday G-File, Jonah Goldberg compares Dan Rather's decision to use and then defend the use of forged documents to the decision of the Hapsburgs to enter World War I:

He was the equivalent of some powdered-wigged fool who believed that Austria would come out on the other side of a short battle with its reputation enhanced. Instead, it revealed that CBS News is really the Sick Man of Big Media. . . it's clear that Dan Rather doesn't understand what's going on any more than those poor last dinosaurs understood why the tasty green fronds became so hard to find when it got cloudy. As an icon of the old world of big media, his self-inflicted extinction will surely be recognized as the end of not merely Dan Rather, but the age of Dan Rathers.

I don't have any better idea about what's coming next than the folks in 1914 did. I don't think blogs have the ability to replace CBS News any more than Gavrilo Princip and the Black Hand could replace the Hapsburgs. Blogs are great but they can't do the heavy lifting of investigative journalism. But it seems obvious to me that we are officially at the Goodbye To All That moment of old media.

*Allah has a real Columbo moment with the acronym "OETR." My main source on things military confirms this: "I have a half dozen OERs but I have never heard of OETR." (Link via Geraghty, who needs to get permalinks)

*Speaking of Geraghty, he has tons of poll news this morning. What does it all mean? Dales has the answers.

*My Pet Jawa has some background on Kitty Kelley. (via LlamaButchers).

*Funny Bushism in his speech to the National Guard (where he pointedly stated that "I respect and honor all of those who serve in the United States Armed Forces -- active, Guard, and Reserve."):

From its birth in the 1630s, the Guard protected the early colonists and helped win the War on Independence.

Um, wasn't that the war of or for Independence?

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Hey, thanks for link! Nice site you got here.

Posted by: RS at September 16, 2004 9:07 AM

For MR. AWOL, Drum, to admit the obvious is a major concession.

Posted by: Ricky at September 16, 2004 12:58 PM

it's clear that Dan Rather doesn't understand what's going on any more than those poor last dinosaurs understood why the tasty green fronds became so hard to find when it got cloudy.

...or that the tiny proto-mammals dodging between the fronds would eventually become their successors.

Then again, the dinos ruled for millions of years- H sap. has not managed even 100 thousand yet...

Posted by: scott at September 16, 2004 9:28 PM

Well, for the Brits, it WAS a war on Independence-they were against it. Not that Bush meant that. Lefties always conclude that Bush's awkwardness with words means he's dumb, but then again they thought Reagan and Ike were dumb too, and both were pretty good with words.

Posted by: John Salmon at September 17, 2004 12:54 PM
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