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September 30, 2004
POLITICS: The Kerry Kool-Aid Comes In Two Flavors

And you are required to drink both.

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Went over to your "source" and left this comment:

National service doesn't necessarily equal a draft into an downward spiraling war (which it wasn't in Jan '03 when he wrote it) or even the military. In the same post you give only a snippet of, Drum clearly argues:

Mandatory national service would oblige everyone who lives here to give something back to their country. It would allow teenagers to see firsthand what other parts of America are like, and what their fellow Americans are like. It would allow blacks to work alongside whites, rich alongside poor, and natives alongside immigrants. It would provide a large workforce that could be deployed both domestically and internationally. It would provide manpower for our inner cities and ambassadors to the third world. Military service would count, of course, but no one would be forced to serve in the military, and the vast majority of teenagers would serve in non-military areas.

Doesn't really sound like a guy supporting a draft at all, does it, JYD? Drum also acknowledges the whole thing as pie-in-the-sky stuff that would never happen, but it sounded noble to me then and still does. I think it would be good for everyone in our society, but of course, it could never happen.

Not the flip-flop or "two flavors" you guys are pretending it is at all...

Posted by: Mr Furious at October 1, 2004 12:33 PM
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