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October 19, 2004
BASEBALL: Knuckling Down

Now, the Red Sox have really been pushing the limits of what they can expect from Tim Wakefield, and they've had some tense moments with Jason Varitek's problems trying to catch him. But does anyone doubt that they would be toast now if they didn't have a knuckleballer who's almost immune to the fatigue concerns that plague normal pitchers?

UPDATE: Aaron Gleeman has the must-read analysis of the day, a breakdown of the number of pitches thrown by the various Red Sox and Yankees pitchers the past three days.

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God, I was having a 10-minute heart attack with those passed balls...

I always loved Wakefield and the whole novelty of the knuckleball. I remember when he first joined the team, he started two games over a long weekend or something (maybe Sat and Tues?). I remember a disgruntled Sox-fan buddy of mine announcing the rotation should be "Clemens, Wakefield, Sele, Wakefield and Clemens."

Anyway, when he's effective, he's great. The Yankees, however, haven't seemed to have particular trouble with him (maybe due to familiarity?) the last couple years. And of course, he always presents such a home run risk, which scares the living shit out of me on the road (heading back to NY).

I felt horrible for him that Boone hit the home run off him last year, but on the other hand, he's probably the guy best equipped to handle it, and the guy least likely to be pilloried by the fans.

If he goes in again for extended duty at all, Mirabelli's gotta go in to catch him. I'm not losing Game 7 on a passed ball...

Posted by: Mr Furious at October 19, 2004 11:11 AM

Oh, by the way, since I Tivo'd the game and started watching it at 9:00, I'm dragging even worse today...

Posted by: Mr Furious at October 19, 2004 11:18 AM
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