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October 21, 2004
BASEBALL: My Two Cents

Congratulations to the Red Sox on their historic comeback. They sure earned this series victory, especially with epic wins in Games Four and Five that will be long remembered. Check out the Crank below for his definitive commentary.

Watching this game, two rather obvious things struck me about the Yankees:

1) Their pitching just wasnít that good. On paper, it looked good, but it just wasnít. In the playoffs, you win with pitching and the Yankees flat got out-pitched in the second half of this series. (Roger Clemens really would have helped.)

2) They miss the Jason Giambi they thought they were getting. In the 7th when it looked like they were coming back, up stepped John Olerud and Miguel Cairo. I like Olerud, but he is near the end. Giambi was supposed to be a pillar of the offense, but heís been out for so long and was so weak earlier this year that itís easy for people to forget what was expected from him.

Should be an interesting World Series. Do not count out the National League though Ė thatís been a truly excellent series in its own right. In fact, I hate to bring up 1986 - well, no I donít - but the Red Sox had a mighty stirring win in that ALCS as well (remember Dave Henderson?).

We shall see, but these Red Sox have certainly earned their place in the sun.

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This ACLS series was so utterly excellent that I'm not sure I care if BOS takes the series or not. I really can't imagine better baseball.

Maybe they should just stop baseball. Forever. It's hit its apotheosis. What, honestly, could surpass these past seven games?

Posted by: John at October 21, 2004 12:46 AM

Hi Mr. Crank,

Excellent commentary, on baseball (not enough) and politics (not enough). Been a fan for a few months. Random Instapundit link.

As an NL guy, Astro fan from birth, but also a BU Terrier, this comeback has shocked me. Yes, I was the sole Astro fan at NY dominated BU during the ridiculous 1986 series. I lived through that pain (and glory) as the sole representative for my team.

And the violence during the World Series.

I'm still in it for my Astros. I think Cardinal and Houston offenses are equivalent. Our pitching is better (1-2-3). And our closer. Billy who?

Interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Oh, and screw Fox and especially screw MLB and Bud Selig for giving true baseball fans the worst covered playoffs ever. Yeah my retired parents have seen most everything. But the working man? Bastards. No wonder the NFL and (shudder) NVBA are running rings around MLB


Posted by: Mark at October 21, 2004 1:50 AM

On paper the Yankees starting pitching didn't look good. I don't know how we won games 1 & 2. We didn't have an over powering, dominant number one guy, like Roger or Curt.

I'm looking forward to a Roger vs. Pedro showdown in Houston, where they both have to bat.

Posted by: Robert at October 21, 2004 2:15 PM

Everything is different now.

After wandering for 37 years, long numbed to every cruel disappointment, behind leaders incompetent or blind, expecting the next well to be dry or poisoned, unwilling to go on yet unable to stop, stumbling witlessly along on empty despair.....


I stand on the mountaintop.

When I am cold, this will warm me.
When I am sad, this will comfort me.
When I am hopeless, this will remind me.

My team MY TEAM has done the impossible.

Posted by: Larry at October 22, 2004 1:42 AM
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