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October 28, 2004
BASEBALL: To All Those Who Missed It

I liked this comment from Shannen Coffin about the Red Sox:

My dad was one of those hundreds of thousands (millions?) of fans who died without ever seeing them win it all. He was way too young to go. As a kid, every year, weathered by years of disappointment, he would tell me, "It's not October yet; don't get too excited." Well, Dad, it's October now. We did it. Wish you had been there with me. Rest in glorious peace.

UPDATE: Also, leave poor Bill Buckner alone!

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I'm a Mets fan, and I've been one since early '62, when I was not quite 7 years old. Game 6 of the '86 Series was one of the absolute highest points of my fandom. (Duh, right?) But I entirely agree with you about Buckner. The guy made an error, a big one, but the Sox fans' unwillingness to give it a rest for all these years is one big reason I've disliked the Sox ever since. Give the guy a freakin' break! They've pretty much ruined his life, and I mean that seriously.

And also, it's awfully hard for me to root for anything coming out of Massachusetts these days.

Posted by: Attila at October 29, 2004 9:30 AM
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