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December 14, 2004
BLOG: 2003-04 Traffic Report

I checked my traffic stats last night with the "Webalizer" feature at Hosting Matters. . . thought it would be interesting to chart this out. This is visits per day, but less important that what the actual number is is that it's a consistent measurement of the site's daily traffic since I moved to the Movable Type site:

Apr 2003115
May 2003192
Jun 2003243
Jul 2003321
Aug 2003283
Sep 2003329
Oct 2003403
Nov 2003394
Dec 2003410
Jan 2004544
Feb 2004726
Mar 2004735
Apr 2004798
May 2004799
Jun 2004837
Jul 2004879
Aug 2004982
Sep 20041152
Oct 20041513
Nov 20041580
Dec 20041781

Wow. And the thing is, you go around the blogosphere, you see a lot of people whose traffic patterns look something like this. Of course, it remains to be seen if I can keep up the momentum of the election, the 2004 postseason and some of the huge links I've had lately.

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