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December 19, 2004
WAR: Spanning the Globe, 12/19/04

* Orin Kerr looks at some sloppy reporting of a recent survey about “civil liberties” and Muslim-Americans. (Via The Corner).

* A new RAND study has some good suggestions for winning the ideological component of the War on Terror.

* I’m no expert on military logistics, but Powerline has a link to an Army press conference that puts the armor issue in some useful context. (Via Instapundit).

* On the other hand, as critics of Donald Rumsfeld go, Greg Djerejian is among the most credible. (Via Just One Minute).

* The evidence against Ali Hassan al-Majid (a.k.a. “Chemical Ali”) is finally being aired. It is about time.

* Finally, Indiana Jones and the Battle for Fallujah?

UPDATE: Speaking of context, I’m curious as to the context of attacks against Rumsfeld for writing, but not personally signing, some “condolence” letters. In World War II, did George Marshall? In Vietnam, did Robert McNamara? In the Gulf War, did Dick Cheney? In Somalia, did Les Aspin? I honestly don’t know and would like to. There is an issue of time, but it does seem to me that a personalized letter from a subordinate would be preferable to a form letter from the Secretary. Anyway, it does sound a little tacky, but some context is necessary for me to know if this is something that is at all unique to Rumsfeld.

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