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January 20, 2005
FOOTBALL: Scandalous Picks

Soxblog has the goods, based on an email to Bruce Allen at Boston Sports Media:

THIS IS THE BEST STORY OF THE DAY. In the Friday editions of the Boston Globe during football season, several Globe sports writers pick the winners for the following weekend's action. Thus some eyebrows were raised this weekend when the Globe's lead football correspondent Ron Borges picked the Patriots in Friday's paper and then on TV Sunday morning he picked the Colts. When challenged by one of his on-air interlocutors over the inconsistency, Borges said he didn't make the pick that was in his name in Friday's paper.

According to a Globe staffer's email to Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch (from whence this entire piece is virtually plagiarized), for years now Globe correspondents have frequently not made their own picks. A lot of times a writer or two wouldn't meet the deadline so a copy editor would make the picks that would be printed under the writer's name. With the Globe's legendary Will McDonough, the practice was apparently habitual. For years, "his" picks were made by a copy editor. Sometimes one of the of the putative expert's "picks" would even be made by an intern!

(via Kaus)

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