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January 5, 2005
WAR: Claiming Credit

Mark Steyn on charges of US "stinginess" and the difference between UN and European promises of help for tsunami relief and the arrival of US and Australian aircraft actually delivering relief:

[W]hen disaster strikes, what matters is not whether your cheque is "prompt", but whether you are. For all the money lavished on them, the UN is hard to rouse to action. Egeland's full-time round-the-clock 24/7 Big Humanitarians are conspicuous by their all but total absence on the ground. In fact, they're doing exactly what our reader accused Washington of doing - Colin Powell, wrote Mr Eddison, "is like a surgeon saying he must do a bandage count before he will be in a position to staunch the blood flow of a haemorrhaging patient". That's the sclerotic UN bureaucracy. They've flown in (or nearby, or overhead) a couple of experts to assess the situation and they've issued press releases boasting about the assessments. In Sri Lanka, Egeland's staff informs us, "UNFPA is carrying out reproductive health assessments".

Which, translated out of UN-speak, means the Sri Lankans can go screw themselves.

As always, read the whole thing.

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Hmmm, sounds to me more like they're checking out the local talent for the UN Mobile Disaster Bordello. Which would mean that all the cute Sri Lankans can now line up for booty duty. I'd be ashamed to wear the baby blue beret.

Posted by: JSAllison at January 5, 2005 12:07 PM
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