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February 4, 2005
POLITICS: On Not Being Indifferent Between Law and Anarchy

Via RCP, two good columns from Wednesday that, on closer inspection, are about related topics. First, the Rocky Mountain News calls for the firing of Ward Churchill, the state college professor who called those of us who worked at the World Trade Center "little Eichmanns" and essentially argued that the September 11 attacks were justified. The Rocky Mountain News points out that these views are consistent with Churchill's long history of openly advocating violence against the United States. Because state action would be involved, it may be difficult to remove Churchill. But the state can't be indifferent about its own survival; there have to be some outer limits to what ideas the taxpayers are compelled to finance, and their own murder should not be one of them. Moreover, academic freedom surely doesn't mean the abdication of quality control, and if you admit that there are any standards at all, you have to look skeptically at allowing a loon like Churchill to keep teaching.

Then, Michael Goodwin has a tremendous column on NYPD cops not shooting threatening suspects - and how the consequences of that forbearance with violent men aren't always good.

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