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February 8, 2005
POLITICS: Quick Links 2/8/05

*Was Rehnquist "Deep Throat"? Hey, who in the Nixon White House hasn't been the subject of that speculation? I suppose it's more plausible that it would be Rehnquist than Pat Buchanan, and it would explain why the source's identity could never be revealed.

*Eugene Volokh defends Clarence Thomas from yet more false charges.

*The old saw about a liberal being a man too broad-minded to take his own side in an argument doesn't even begin to capture the madness of the Dutch banning their own flag in Dutch schools "because this would provoke students of other nationalities". (I'd give 10-to-1 odds on this report showing up in a Mark Steyn column in the next two weeks)

*I've always hated columns like this one, ripping Michael Jordan for being circumspect with his image and opinions. It's not like we haven't seen plenty of glimpses of the realm MJ, from tearful or fist-pumping victory celebrations to the decidedly uncommercial decision to become an outfielder in AA ball at the peak of his career following the murder of his father. But Charles Pierce gives away his real gripe:

Had Jordan been as willing to be as reckless with his influence on the stump as he was with his money at the blackjack table, poor Harvey Gantt might now be in his third term as senator from North Carolina.

(Actually, Jordan was a big backer in this election of Barack Obama, giving him money early in the primaries). So, MJ hasn't played ball for the Democrats, and that makes him some sort of phony? Get real.

*These two Margaret Carlson columns, on why criticism of Barbara Boxer is sexist while criticism of Condoleazza Rice isn't, and in praise of Hillary, pretty well capture why I look forward to a possible Hillary-for-president campaign with such loathing: we will hear over and over and over from Carlson and Anna Quindlen and their ilk that any criticism of Hillary is criticism of all women (this is not true of criticism of Republican women, who after all are Republicans). Of course, you don't have to be a He-Man Woman-Hater to think Boxer is as shrill and as far out of her gourd as Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy.

*Speaking of Ted,Noemie Emery nails him:

"Defeat is an orphan," Ted's big brother the president once famously said, but this fails to apply when Ted is in the neighborhood. He preemptively embraced failure in Iraq, declaring defeat three days before the election, just in time to demoralize American troops and Iraqi voters (and calling to mind another JFK comment, that his youngest brother was not "terribly quick"). But it wasn't the first time Ted had stumbled over his feet in his rush to proclaim a defeat for the United States. In 1990, he wanted to leave Kuwait and its oil fields in Saddam's possession, proclaiming a war would kill 50,000 Americans and become a new Vietnam. But things lately have been confusing for Teddy, what with George W. Bush morphing into JFK, while he himself turns into something rather more like his father, famous in 1940 for saying democracy was finished in England and attempts to save it would lead us into a quagmire--call it FDR's Vietnam.

(via Powerline).

*Powerline rips Bill Moyers for spreading lies (what else is new?). (Via Instapundit) The critical point the Powerline guys keep making is not just the things that big media liberals get caught doing, but the fact that until recently, there were fewer ways to expose them, which makes you wonder how many things like this they've gotten away with. (On the other hand, James Watt and Zell Miller aren't exactly illiterate migrant workers; I assume a letter to the editor from one of them would get printed).

*Ballot box fraud - Wisconsin Edition

*We can all stop pretending now:

Preceding its Women Who Make a Difference Awards Dinner on March 1, the National Council for Research on Women is featuring "a conversation with Teresa Heinz," . . .

"Teresa Heinz will speak to her commitment to women's economic security, including Social Security and retirement," writes the council, not bothering to mention her married name in several references.

"I just checked, and she no longer uses her [entire] last name; only during the [presidential] campaign did she use Kerry," the council's Tamara Rodriguez Reichberg told Inside the Beltway upon our inquiry.

*Snopes has the now-infamous Volkswagen Polo "suicide bomber" video here.

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The first bad piece from Charles Pierce I can ever remember reading.

Posted by: Mr Furious at February 8, 2005 11:50 AM
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