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March 6, 2005
BASEBALL: Quick Links 3/6/05

*Jaap Stijl over at Archie Bunker's Army had a good long post on Thursday about the Mets' exhibition opener; I liked this point:

[T]he way the shirts read Nationals across the front gives me the creepy feeling I'm watching the National League All Star team sans the All Stars. It'd be much less confusing and infinately cooler to have NATS embossed across the front.

*While there's not a ton of new stuff there, it's always worth checking out Rich Lederer's three-part interview with Bill James (conducted in December) here, here and here at Lederer's new home,

*The "Derek Jeter Center"?

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The Nats makes a good shorthand, and I use it way too much, but Nationals really does need to be on the front. I just hope it doesn't turn into one of those godawful NBAesque faux mascots!

There has been speculation that the team name was picked, in part, to be benign, so that the new ownership group, whenever that happens, can change the team without much grumbling.

Posted by: Chris at March 8, 2005 8:37 AM
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