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April 26, 2005
BASEBALL: Crooked Nails?

Trouble for Lenny Dykstra:

Lenny Dykstra's longtime friend and business partner has accused the former Philadelphia Phillies center fielder of using steroids and gambling illegally during his baseball career in a civil lawsuit, according to a newspaper report.

Lindsay Jones, Dykstra's former partner in a lucrative car wash business, alleges the ballplayer advised him to bet thousands of dollars with a bookmaker on selected Phillies games in 1993, Dykstra's best year in the majors, the Los Angeles Times reported in Sunday editions.

Jones, who is seeking to regain interest in the car wash business, said in a sworn statement that the baseball wagers were a form of payment to him, made "on the basis that Lenny would cover all losses, and I would use the winnings to live on."


The suit also includes a sworn statement from a Florida bodybuilder and convicted drug dealer who said Dykstra paid him $20,000 plus "special perks" during their eight-year association to "bulk up" the once-slight ballplayer.


The bodybuilder, Jeff Scott, told the Times in an interview that he injected Dykstra with steroids "more times than I can count," and that Dykstra stepped up his steroid use in spring training of 1993 because it was a contract year.

While the sources here are of dubious credibility, I have little doubt that Dykstra used steroids; the guy bulked up way too quickly from being skinny in his Mets days, and returned way too quickly to his original size as soon as his playing career ended.

As to the gambling, while gambling in general seems in character for Dykstra, I'd like to believe he wasn't stupid enough, especially in the immediate aftermath of the Pete Rose debacle, to bet on baseball, even indirectly (it would be a more interesting rules question if a player advised a friend to bet on games but took no financial stake in the bets). Presumably, there will be some effort to investigate this. For now, he's saying it ain't so.

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