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April 18, 2005
BASEBALL: Pigs Fly . . .

And Aaron Heilman throws a 1-hit shutout, among the things happening while I've been too tied up with work and other stuff to blog (as the papers noted, there have now been 23 complete game 1-hitters in Mets history, but still zero no-hitters; what are the odds of that?). Certainly is shaping up like a classic Mets season - improbable wins, improbable losses, low-scoring games with late comebacks, lots and lots of strikeouts.

Matsui's been disappointing thus far, but I just don't get the boos and calls for him to be replaced with Cairo. Maybe Matsui's back really is worse than we think, but if not, he's still got more upside than Cairo, who played to 100% of his upside last year and still was only just OK.

I'll be in and out of blog this week, hopefully back to blogging regularly after April 22.

UPDATE: I see where Kerry Ligtenberg, who I'd been stumping for as a possible addition to the Mets pen, has signed a minor league deal with the D-Backs.

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I think a big part of the reason the fans are down on him is that he's been little short of horrible defensively since his arrival. Last year he was touted as a gold-glove caliber shortstop, but turned out to have little range and a mediocre arm. He was responsible for Reyes, who is incomparably better defensively, moving away from his natural position. At Sunday's game he screwed up three plays that an average plus second baseman would have made, thus the boos. He's shown flashes of offensive ability, but that does not compensate for his defensive lapses. The Mets have the possibility of having an outstanding defensive infield, but as long as Matsui is playing they will not. Hence the demands for Cairo who is at least capable defensively.

Posted by: NYer at April 18, 2005 4:41 PM

Matsui made a nice play last night when it still mattered. Started a 4-6-3 DP in the first off a Thome hit ball with no outs and the bases loaded. Big play to kill Philly's rally early.

I still believe Matui will come good.

Posted by: John at April 20, 2005 10:23 AM
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