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May 20, 2005
POLITICS: Three Links

Poliblogger has another systematic look at obstruction of judicial nominees, and why it's particularly unprecedented to see this level of obstruction when the president's party controls the Senate. Unfortunately, the data only goes through 2003. Via Wizbang.

Dale Franks has a good discussion of income inequality and (1) its connection to the fact that people who make more money tend to work more and (2) the fact that people tend to make more money as they get older. Neither of which should be news except for the New York Times' persistent efforts to oversimplify the issue. Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of hardworking people who make peanuts, but the broad generalizations drawn from statistics on the subject are almost always misleading.

And Ann Coulter has a typically blistering column comparing Newsweek's willingness to run a poorly sourced Michael Isikoff item on Koran-flushing with Newsweek's unwillingness to run extensively sourced Isikoff items on Clinton scandals. (Standard disclaimers about Coulter columns apply).

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