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June 8, 2005
BASEBALL: Texas Rocket

Maybe I've been looking in the wrong places, but I wonder why we haven't seen more talk about Roger Clemens possibly being traded to the Rangers later in the season. Clemens is obviously making way too much money for the Astros to want him around the rest of the year if they can find a willing suitor. I've seen the Yankees mentioned, of course, but why not the Rangers? They have an excellent offense and look like they will stay in the AL West race; they have a deep-pocketed owner who, while he's been more financially conservative since the A-Rod deal, has shown a willingness to spend; they are, as always, in need of a #1 starter (don't tell me "Kenny Rogers"; just don't); and, of importance to Clemens, he could pitch there without leaving his home state of Texas.

Am I missing something?

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There is the question of whether Buck Showalter could accomodate himself to the 'Rocket Rules' that allow Clemens to come and go as he pleases when he isn't pitching, but I guess if they were only picking him up for a month or two they could work something out.

Posted by: Jerry at June 8, 2005 8:14 AM

After the 1988 season, then-Astro owner John McMullen alienated local hero and aging pitcher Nolan Ryan. Ryan then signed with the Rangers, had another couple good seasons, and, in an example of absolutely reasonable apostasy, went into the Hall of Fame as a Ranger. Whatever else you want to say about current owner Drayton McLane, he learned the lessons of McMullen's failure, maybe too well. He gave Biggio and Bagwell above-market contracts because they should finish their careers in Houston. Clemens would be possible to trade, but you'd have to really sell it... two month rental, coming back here at the end of the season, and it can't be to the Rangers. I also believe Clemens has some sort of salary escalation if he gets traded, I think $3 million. That's an awful lot of money for a player you wouldn't have for very long, and probably only the Yankees and the Red Sox are capable of saying "Yes, it's worth it to take on that sort of payroll."

Posted by: Tom at June 8, 2005 10:55 AM

Fran Healy & the Mets broadcasting crew touched on this exact issue last night. There is no way the Astros will trade Roger to the Rangers. Neither team from Texas has ever made a World Series, and although the Astros have come close, it would kill them to see their in-state (albeit weak) rivals get there first. The Ryan fallout probably contributes to these feelings as well. Even with the Astros out of contention, Clemens earns his salary by being a great drawing card at the box office.

Posted by: philthyrat at June 8, 2005 12:31 PM

Beyond the Boxscore's Marc Normandin discussed this a few days ago.

Posted by: Richard at June 8, 2005 5:15 PM

Yeah. A pitcher with a 1.62 ERA...just a joke as a number one pitcher in the rotation. Huh?

Posted by: Call at June 9, 2005 9:52 AM

Kenny Rogers? Kenny Rogers? The 40-year-old pitcher who posted an ERA between 4.46 and 6.19 seven times in the last 11 years? The man with the 8.85 ERA in six career postseason serieses? The man who walked in a run to end the 1999 NLCS?

Yeah, I have reasons to doubt that it's a good idea to go into September/October with Rogers as your hoss.

Posted by: The Crank at June 9, 2005 10:20 AM
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