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June 22, 2005
BLOG: Quick Links 6/22/05

*So, we've been giving trials to the Guantanamo inmates all along?

*Patterico notes the final insult from Michael Schiavo.

*Chrenkoff has a visual roundup of the Coalition of the Willing. (Via Winds)

*If this Mitt Romney broadside against "people within our country, and most of them are Democrats, who take delight in attacking our own country, and the way we treat people" isn't a sign that Romney is running for president instead of running for re-election in heavily Democratic Massachusetts, I don't know what would be.

*WaPo thinks Alberto Gonzales may have the inside track to replace Rehnquist.

*The Third Rule of War. Via INDC.

*The National Taxpayers Union wants our money back from Senators who didn't show up for work last year. Just wait until 2008.

*Profile of political consultant Mike Murphy. Romney's association with Murphy worries me - his candidates never seem to have a coherent philosophy or much of a policy program.

*Joe Katzman has some helpful thoughts on same-sex marriage and its place in the larger marriage debate, with links; I should return to Katzman's points at some point.

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