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June 8, 2005
BLOG: Quick Links 6/8/05

*So Dino Rossi's challenge to the Washington governor's election was rejected by the trial judge, and Rossi declinnes to appeal. I agree with John Hinderaker that the legal standard applied by the court - requiring not only proof that the number of illegal votes exceeded the margin of victory but also proof that those votes went to the winner - makes overturning an election result all but impossible in a system of secret ballots, at least without an express confession by one side that it orchestrated a decisive number of fraudulent ballots.

You could argue - and I'm not sure I would disagree - that imposing such a high standard is a good thing, to discourage election litigation except in the most egregious cases. Clearly, Washington is in desperate need of electoral reform. Anyway, the big question now is whether Rossi will challenge Maria Cantwell for the Senate in 2006, or keep his powder dry for a rematch in 2008 for the job he clearly prefers.

*Edward Jay Epstein reviews movie economics and offers reason to hope that economic necessity might push Hollywood to make more movies for adults.

*More tea leaves suggesting a Rehnquist retirement in the offing.

*OK, now the judicial system is getting out of hand.

*This may indeed be the only answer to the ever-growing atrocities in Zimbabwe.

*Frank Gaffney has a scare-the-pants-off scenario involving the "EMP" nuclear attack. I know I'm still missing some context here, though.

*A comparison of Braves and Mariners pitching prospects and their health.

*More on aetheism and meaning.

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The atheism string is not a bad read (if a little long and sometimes repetitive). Makes for especially good reading if you are an atheist as there are a lot more people making a lot more sense in the conversation who are atheists.

Posted by: jim at June 8, 2005 12:22 PM
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