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June 10, 2005
BLOG: Quick Links 6/10/05

*Nobody dresses like this to go to Knick games.

*Fun facts from Drezner: the US makes up 47% of the world's military spending, and the supplemental appropriations to pay for Afghanistan, Iraq and the overall war on terror for Fiscal Years 2003-05

amounted to approximately $238 billion and exceeded the combined military spending of Africa, Latin America, Asia (except Japan but including China) and the Middle East in 2004 ($193 billion in current dollars)

*Oscar at the Columnist Manifesto has pictures from the Maginot Line. (via Althouse)

*This entry at QandO reminds me I'm long overdue to take the pledge.

*Kos discovers the perils of political correctness.

*Time for the Democrats to execute Order 66. Looks like the firing has commenced.

*Lileks finally saw Revenge of the Sith:

Not enough Wookies. And I don't see them as the kind of guys who'd use a bowcaster, frankly; they seem more like shotgun types. You would not want to fight an army of a pissed off Wookies with shotguns. I bet they drink, too. They're probably always drunk all the time, which is why their language seems so incoherent; for all we know they're not saying anything at all, just yelling. Because they're all hammered.

*Lucas may yet be tempted to do more prequels.

*Profile of our old friend Dave Holmes, now the host of CBS' "Fire Me . . . Please".

*Eric Neel ode to Vin Scully, which I missed when it first ran.

*More Rehnquist rumors: he's going (via NRO), he's staying. The Chief Justice is a well-known poker enthusiast; my bet is nobody knows but him what he's doing, and nobody will until very close to the day he announces.

*Next on Jerry Springer: political theory.

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