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June 17, 2005
POLITICS: Harmonic Convergence of Wingnuttery & Moonbattery

Crazy gay-bashing preacher Fred Phelps has taken to disrupting the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq:

A Kansas preacher and gay rights foe whose congregation is protesting military funerals around the country said he's coming to Idaho tomorrow to picket the memorial for an Idaho National Guard soldier killed in Iraq.

A flier on the Web site of Pastor Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church claims God killed Cpl. Carrie French with an improvised explosive device in retaliation against the United States for a bombing at Phelps' church six years ago.

UPDATE: This guy has pictures. What loathesome characters.

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Things you don't often hear about the disturbed Mr. Phelps:

Phelps remained prominent in state and local politics, working for years as a major organizer for the state's Democratic Party. (He still calls himself a Democrat, refusing to change just because his party has.) In 1988, Phelps housed campaign workers for Al Gore's first presidential run; in 1989, his eldest son, Fred Jr., hosted a fundraiser for Gore's Senate campaign at his home.
Phelps has frequently run for public office -- for governor in 1990, '94, and '98, for the Senate in '92 -- always losing the primaries by a landslide. Because of their years as loyal Democrats, the Phelpses have even been invited to -- and attended -- both of Clinton's inaugurations.

Source Mother Jones
No, they don't want him either, but I can imagine what would happen if he ere a registered Republican.

Posted by: RW at June 18, 2005 8:17 AM

Oh, I think in most people's minds loony toons like Phelps are firmly placed with the rest of the right wing nuts, including the majority of the Republican party.

Posted by: adwred at June 18, 2005 10:36 AM


If you want to know what would happen if guys like Phelps were affiliated with the Republican Party, take a look at Pat Robertson, who also hates gays and said 9/11 was God's retribution for the gay lifestyle, among other things.

Posted by: Steve at June 20, 2005 11:09 AM

Cripes, "Steve", the largest segment of American society that "hates gays" are blacks, the most loyal Dem voter? What does that have to do with Fred Phelps, other than your attempt at muddying the water?


Posted by: RW at June 20, 2005 1:11 PM

What this has to do with Fred Phelps is you asked the usual right wing double standard question: what if [fill in blank] was a Republican? The liberals would be howling." We hear this rhetorical question all the time. I don't know about blacks "hating" gays, but Pat Robertson sure does.

Posted by: Steve at June 20, 2005 3:13 PM
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