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July 26, 2005
POLITICS: Vote Early

If you're interested in who the GOP should nominate in 2008, head over to Patrick Ruffini's place to vote in his straw poll. Over 8,000 votes cast already! The candidates on his rather limited ballot are Rudy Giuliani, George Allen, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Bill Frist (the tally so far should not encourage the Frist camp).

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There should be an entry for "The Field." Allen is the leading candidate, and my choice from that limited pool. But he is a long shot. And the runner up is a non starter. I dig rude Rudy. But as one who has been observing his act since he and Senator Pothole kicked in doors on drug raids, I can assure you his candidacy is DOA. I would think his atrocious misstep in foisting Bad Bernie K on the Bush Admin. would be lesson enough. He's got a long track record for opponents to pick apart, as well as an ego that clouds his judgment. And based on the company he keeps, likely a closet packed with skeletons. Better for him, and the country, that he maintains his statesman role. And keep the private sector cash rolling in.

Posted by: abe shorey at July 26, 2005 7:10 PM
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