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July 25, 2005

When I think that Hollywood can go no lower in terms of bad taste or unoriginality, the movie business finds a way to surprise me. But it's a rare treat when both are accomplished in one fell swoop, as they were this weekend when I started seeing billboard ads for a sequel to "Duece Bigelow: Male Gigolo."

Locusts, famine and pestilence to follow.

(On a similar note: I accept that the new "Bad News Bears" movie is raunchy and not at all suitable for chidren . . . but is it really necessary to advertise the not-suitable-for-chidren parts on baseball broadcasts?)

UPDATE: Wizbang has graphic evidence of unoriginality.

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Many kids movies used to have some sexual innuendo appearing here and there but today they've left out the innuendo and just put the sex out front.

I don't get casting Billy Bob Thorton in Bad News Bears. I just know way too much about him. Maybe Walter Mathau did have sex in limos on the way to the movie premier or maybe he did wear a vial of blood around his neck. But not knowing these things allowed me to enjoy the movie.

TMI People. TMI!

Posted by: roux at July 25, 2005 10:02 AM
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