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August 1, 2005

While I do miss the drama a bit, I can't say I'm disappointed that the Mets didn't make any deadline deals, especially when you consider how ill-advised last year's moves were. The main deal under discussion, of course, was the three-way trade that would have brought Manny Ramirez to Shea for Mike Cameron, Lastings Milledge and possibly Aaron Heilman. I might well have done that deal; Milledge is a fine prospect, but the odds on him ever being as good as Manny are pretty slim, and while the Mets should be building for the future, as long as the team is built around Pedro, that future is 2006-07, not years down the road. But hanging on to Milledge and the team's other chips is hardly a bad idea.

Another rumor I saw floated was some variation on Heilman and Yusmeiro Petit for Danys Baez. Given that Baez was supposed to go to Shea in the Manny deal, I'm unwilling to leap to any conclusions about Minaya from the fact that this may have been discussed, but obviously nobody in their right minds trades two young pitchers with the capacity to be starters for a non-elite closer in his thirties, particularly not to a team still as far from championship-caliber as the Mets.

Tougher times, though, for the Yankees, adding neither Randy Winn (or anybody else capable of playing center) nor a creditable starting pitcher. The Yanks will finally, for once, have to sink or swim with the team they assembled in the offseason.

Naturally, the Braves did improve, grabbing the rejuvenated Kyle Farnsworth from Detroit to shore up their bullpen and apparently not giving up a lot in return.

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RE: The Yankees.

Sports Guy was right, the Old George is gone.

Posted by: Mr Furious at August 1, 2005 11:38 AM

In thinking about how the Sox deal with Manny it seems apparent that the "trade" with the Mets was a red herring. There was no realistic attempt to trade him. Cameron and a minor leaguer for the biggest RBI machine in baseball? Like they were going to do that. This "deal" was about reminding Manny that Boston ain't so bad (try NY as a privacy place) and reminding everyone who plays for Boston that having Manny hit 4th is really nice (David Ortiz was walked 4 times on Saturday). Since there is no way to discipline a player and an individual like Manny they felt they had to offer a glimpse of the alternatives for everyone and those alternatives are not pretty. Sorry Mets fans, you were used.

Posted by: jim at August 1, 2005 12:52 PM

jim, if you want conspiracy theories, how about this one: the Manny trade talk was to keep other contenders (especially the Yankees,) from making a deal. With Manny dangling out there, and every team lookin gto sell drooling over some of the Rerd Sox minor league prospects, no one else had a chance of swinging a deal.

Posted by: Trevor at August 3, 2005 11:30 AM
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