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October 1, 2005
BASEBALL: I'd Like To See Him Do It Again

So, Pedro Martinez finishes with 217 innings pitched, as compared to 217 in 2004.

Tom Glavine finishes with 211.1 innings pitched, as compared to 212.1 in 2004.

Both pitchers struck out fewer batters than the previous year, but sharply cut their walks and home runs allowed; Pedro also reduced his hits allowed from 193 to 159, while Glavine allowed more hits.

I have to say, I gave up on Glavine repeatedly from 2003 through early this season, but after altering his pitching style (i.e., recognizing that he couldn't win anymore doing the same old thing), he really rebounded to be a whole new pitcher the second half of the season.

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Good comments regarding Tommy G. I think most serious Met fans know that Pedro is unlikely to repeat this season's performance, but that's fine. I think 175-200 innings with a 3.00-3.50 ERA will fit our plans nicely. No complaints there.

But Glavine? I have no idea. I thought he was D-U-N done back in June. With a BA against of about three-and-a-quarter, and a K/BB rate barely over one, I wanted them to release him outright. But he had a helluva second half. The real deal. I would hate to see the Mets go into next season counting on him for anything, but he has to fit into their plans. I say hold on to him, pencil him in at number three starter, and look for a solid number two. Along with second base and a closer, that's the Mets' biggest need.

Posted by: Mike at October 1, 2005 8:34 AM

The guy the Mets need more out of is Kris Benson, who I thought let them down repeatedly down the stretch.

Posted by: Jerry at October 1, 2005 10:33 AM

Benson's never been good. Hard to be let down by someone you don't expect much from.

Posted by: Mike at October 1, 2005 1:20 PM

Okay, they need a second baseman and a closer along with a number 5 in the rotation. (I'd be inclined to let Seo or Heilman have the number 2 with the other getting number 4.)

To me the big question is who's going to catch? Is there someone in the system they can bring in? Who's available through either free agency or trade? And who would they give up from their current roster? Who is "untouchable" on this roster? (Besides Reyes, Wright, Jacobs, and Beltran.)

Posted by: joated at October 1, 2005 8:15 PM

That's a really good point. Met catchers drove in 100+ this season. Where else are you gonna get that? I have no idea about Jacobs's catching skills, but unless they're atrocious, maybe they have to give him a look. As far as catchers go, I think he could be a real hitter. If he squats behind the dish 120 games next season, I could see him posting 265/320/450 type numbers (lower than what he'd do at first, with the added wear and tear). That's real value. But then, what do you do at first? Let Victor Diaz play there? I like him, but he's not ready to start at first. Overpay for Konerko? I hope not.

To me, Wright & Reyes are the clear untouchables. Diaz, Jacobs, Heilman, Milledge, Petit are certainly guys you want to keep. But to get the "winning piece" in exchange? I guess you have to roll the dice. That said, the price for Heilman would have to be awfully high.

Posted by: Mike at October 1, 2005 8:37 PM
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