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October 14, 2005
BLOG: Welcome ESPN Readers!

As always, good to have visitors from Bill Simmons' place stopping by. Unfortunately, I've been too busy with work to post anything substantive the last few days . . . For those of you who are dropping by for the first time, look around; there's a lot of stuff here going back five years. This site covers politics, war, the law, pop culture and various other stuff; while I usually do more baseball during the playoffs, I've been writing a lot the last two weeks about the Supreme Court. You can hit the link at the top to just view the baseball posts.

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C'mon, you're telling me you couldn't throw together an updated B.J Ryan to the Mets column in a half hour? What happened man... you used to be cool.

Posted by: Creek at October 14, 2005 4:44 PM
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